Confession 001

Amy says...

"My life is pretty messy."

If this is you right now, read 5 Ways to Improve Your Day (via Clementine Daily) and know that you're not alone.

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  1. Hi Amy! I hope you have been keeping well. :) I just wanted to pop in and say that first, my life has been messy for the past 10 months (so I totally understand that!) Also, I read your post on starting over with your blog, and I applaud you for doing what makes you feel happy. I've read through all your posts and I love your little succulent photos - So great! I think making your blog a space you want to be is important, so I look forward to reading more updates (whenever you have them - no pressure! :P) I've finished photography school now so I hope to have more time for a bit of relaxing so I will be sure to pop in again soon! :)

    1. Thank you Sara. You are so sweet. Congrats on finishing photography school. That's a HUGE accomplishment. Can't wait to hear more about the program, and to see your new camera skills in action ;)

      Cheers friend!


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