Living Made Simple: Addressing the Little Things

Watercolours in middle by Susan (my grandmother)

I have this problem - this tendency to procrastinate on the little things in life. I let small tasks on my personal to-do list pile up, spending too much time thinking about them, all the while insisting that I can't make time for them. We're talking really basic errands, here. Things like organizing papers and receipts, scrubbing scuffs off my apartment walls (I don't know what the last tenant was doing in here!) and running to Target for dishwasher rinse agent. I'm serious.

The weight of these things cause me stress and anxiety, and other icky feelings that I wish weren't there, cluttering my mind and my heart. So, when unruly weather cancelled all of my weekend plans, I decided to seize the newly freed up schedule and knock a few to-do's off my list.

Here's what it looked like, more or less: 

Make to-do list ... Done.
Organize papers and receipts ... Mostly done.
Removing weird scuffs from walls ... Still not sure about this. But, done.
Buy dishwasher rinse agent ... Bought. Got a little excited and I now have two bottles!
Send emails ... Sent.
Hang wall art ... In progress. Thank goodness for easy and removable washi tape.
Clean apartment ... Cleaned. For now.

My real to-do list was a bit longer, and I really made a dent. I'm so pleased. Of course, all work and no play doesn't make for a very memorable weekend. So I squeezed in an at-home double feature starring Ginnifer Goodwin (I can always relate to the awkward roles she's known for playing), made a rather tasteless soup (kind of awful), and booked an exciting trip (kind of amazing)! But more on that later. #HappyMonday


  1. Isn't it amazing how your mind works? The small tasks can certainly beat you down if unattended to but it feels so good to get them done.... that's the carrot at the end of the stick for sure. My thing is if I have a few days to finish something, then I procrastinate until I'm too tired to do it. Oh how good it would feel to get it done first thing in the morning so that I can do other things for the rest of the day that I would rather be doing. Thank you for taking the time to ready my blog and comment, it means a lot to me because I know how much time and energy blogs can take. Hugs!

    1. Aw, thanks for taking the time to read mine too. I feel totally unworthy...you're such a rock star. Hugs right back at ya! ;)


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